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the world is your home

Regardless of age. We have all entered a society where the elderly play the leading roles
Independent and free life. Independent living environment. Are you ready?
We've got you ready!

Q Butler provides you with online and on-site butler services

Process from home life,physical health,Restoration Services in Surrounding Communities
And family connection companionship support
On-site caring services and party outing arrangements
Rich global audio-visual entertainment,Virtual world adventure together
QThe housekeeper manages the whole world for you

Physical and mental companionship and home services

Physical and Emotional Companionship,Home Environment and Life Process

Social Entertainment and Social Roles

active life,Experience the big world and participate in social activities

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Housekeeper. Building the Great House Gate

You can build day and night music,Full of guests,service around,can also participate in social,Around the world mansion gate

Exclusive service map

customize your map,Call for food around the community at any time,repair,Home appliances,delivery,Pharmacy and various needs

Real-time dynamic accompany warm heart

Relatives and friends accompany each other with instant video and photo dynamics,Aware of each other's life status at any time

Health Conditions and Home Services

Via instant messaging and taking pictures,Have the attendant order the medication,healthy,food,Emotional needs and assistance

Social gatherings and social roles

In addition to regularly holding strict and safe physical gatherings,And hold regular themed video gatherings every week

Customize your own global audio-visual TV

favorite film and television drama,Be entertained and informed by a global stream of video and audio,online dating,Travel around and explore the big world

Shopping & Marketing Fraud Protection

Outfits or exclusive outings,Properly arrange the time, route, process, and various service combinations along with management

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Build a mansion

three steps:change your world

1. Become a member. Own your network mansion door : Personal care and world news delivered to your home

Physical and mental conditions|Daily process|Home environment|Community surroundings|Support services|Media and entertainment|Relationship and friends dynamics|Social dynamics|Community gathering|Contact|

The gate of the big house on the Internet contains your body and your home,greetings from your relatives and friends,Neighborhood,Friends care,and a park for walking,roadside snacks。and your favorite videos,fetish entertainment,food delivery,And your health pharmacy and electrical repair,It all becomes a project we take care of from the web,It is also the best support for your happy and independent aging!

Only friends and pre-selected circles of acquaintances,Can enter your news。Outsiders can only contact by throwing mailboxes。You can enjoy friendship in the mansion gate,take care of the body,Watch the world's rich audio-visual programs,Participate in interesting content discussions on community videos,Participate secretly in the games you love,figure,event,with high security protection,Safe from privacy violations and money scams

Don't be messed up by confusing questions and complicated social groups on Line,As long as selected family members and friends show dynamic walls respectively,Photos and videos uploaded instantly,don't bother to say hello,The content of the photo is to report safety,Videos are about sharing new things,The live broadcast is to take you to the scene with you! A few words of hello will be a heart-warming companionship!

2.Choose Q butler. Take care of your mansion gate: Take care of all life dynamics. Arrange surrounding resources to provide on-site services

Exercise and Medication|Home Safety|Environmental Improvement|Traveling|Heart-warming Index|Social Index|Community Service Map|Peripheral Service Map|Social Partner Map

Take care of daily items and processes at home(E.g. medication items,time),miscellaneous supplies such as tv,crutch,Home appliances,cell phone,Recliner,drug,milk,sports,Mahjong,Favorite Brand Specifications,Suppliers, etc.。Make these supply lists into a management version,Q Butler can send text messages or instant messaging at regular intervals(Line/Talk)remind,assist operation,identify,Or purchase and send on behalf of。

Surrounding business services,Anything Food Delivery,Home appliances and furniture,Water and electricity repair,home care,go out to accompany,Surrounding dining,Health care, etc.,We will have a dedicated service map for you,Q Butler can provide remote support,Contact on behalf of,buy,Get Home Service。Even designated official, medical, financial, postal, entertainment, catering, karaoke, etc. service registration appointment and lottery queuing。

Q Butler can arrange for you to meet new friends,insight new world,Visit the most desired scenery,Hottest event! when the movie,When games and virtual games can be played while chatting,It's time for social friendship and fun,When the live video takes everyone to fly to the ancient pyramid,Or go to a charming nightclub together,Enter the popular Olympic site together,let you sit at home,increase knowledge,play all over the world。

3.Call Q Butler. Support and accompany you in exclusive activities: Travel exploration. Social purchasing... various combined service processes

Tourism and entertainment|Medical health|Service procurement|Sponsor events|Project planning|Repair design|Clothing modeling|Digital tools|Emergency call|

Specify items that specifically need to be tracked,For example, map fixed-point tracking to prevent getting lost,prevent getting out of bed,Heartbeat and Respiration Monitoring,Fall Prevention Notice,Or chat regularly to relieve mood,Designated distance yoga exercise assistance,Selected entertainment items to accompany watching or teaching,Select live broadcast and tour guide。

Notification devices and services for emergency calls,Designated on-site accompanying service at home or out,Personal physical and mental privacy service,read,singing,dance,language,yoga,Tai Chi,Moxibustion. On-site coaches and services such as Meridian Anmo。

Assisting the Elderly to Reintegrate into Social Roles,Rich social activities。Q housekeeper can be in charge of designated dinner,Birthday,prom,alumni reunion,travel together,Event Manager for social dinners, etc.,Or set up online courses on behalf of,storytelling channel,live shows etc.。At the same time, you can participate in the themed entertainment and social activities regularly held by Q Butler。

elders live

rich family!

Each mansion gate has eight account numbers,Including two parents and 6 relatives and friends,Form a big house family。Enjoy a dedicated companion dynamic wall,Exclusive global film and television drama channel,And family live video,And five butler service maps including body, home, community, service, and exclusive。

you can be


join us! Become the most innovative self-employed entrepreneur of our time,Q Butler platform provides the world's most advanced network tools,let you use your spare time,Remotely serve the communities you are familiar with and the elders you care about,Make use of what you have learned in remote guidance and teaching,Achieving heart-warming and down-to-earth social undertakings。

Enter the mansion gate !